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India: Beware of The Reactionaries Who Seek ’Nizam-e-Mustafa in a Secular India’ - Statement by Concerned Citizens | July 31, 2020

2 August 2020

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Press Release

July 31, 2020

Statement against the outrageous advertisement published by Peace Party

This nation has been created by those who unitedly fought against the slavery of British Imperialism, their collaborators and the divisive forces which continually conspired against the freedom movement. The Hindu and Muslim communal mindset was always at the forefront of saboteurs who finally succeeded in dividing the country on religious lines. However, it is a historical fact that an overwhelming majority of Hindus and Muslim other citizens of the country rejected divisive, fundamentalist and reactionary ideologies. Majority of Muslims consciously decided not to migrate, refused Pakistani citizenship, and majority of Hindus rejected the idea of a Hindu Rashtra, instead opted for a secular, democratic and sovereign India.

Under the leadership of Gandhi, Nehru, Maulana Azad, Sardar Patel and Babasaheb Ambedkar, whose leadership was widely accepted by people of all religions, regions, castes and linguistic minorities, the idea of India as a secular nation won the battle. However, the divisive forces who would like to convert it into a chaotic, barbaric, violent fascistic nation have never given up their conspiratorial efforts.

The recent full-page advertisement published in a section of the press by the Peace Party is only one in a series of attacks on the idea of India. It is also a direct attack on the constitution of the country. The advertisement proclaims that the party is ready to ’sacrifice everything to support the mission of establishing the dictate of God (Ahkaam-e-Ilahi) and administration of Mustafa (Nizam-e-Mustafa). It also states that ‘for the past 100 years, the mission of Hegdewar, Savarkar, Nehru, Lohia and Ambedkar has been converted into a religion by the Sarkari Ulema’ which is opposed to ‘fundamental principles of Ahkam-e-Ilahi and Nizam-e-Maustafa’. Let us not forget that ‘Nizam-e-Maustafa’ is a phrase coined and popularized by the most fundamentalist and fascistic section under the most uncivilized regime of the most hated dictator of Pakistan, General Zia.

We strongly condemn the statement published as advertisement, which is not only a direct attack on the constitution of India but derogatory and divisive in many ways. It deliberately and conspiratorially puts the names of the most respected secular stalwarts of the freedom movement like Nehru, Lohia and Baba Sahib Ambedkar in the same category as those who propagated fascist ideology.

Talking of Nizam-e-Mustafa in a secular India, which has thousands of communities - religious, ethnic, linguistic, is deliberately and maliciously adding fuel to the hate campaigns. Let us not forget that majority of the Muslims did not support Jinnah and his Muslim League. They couldn’t stop the partition but they never supported the two-nation theory propounded by Muslim League and RSS.

Let us also not forget that this advertisement has been issued when communal forces in the country are trying to vitiate the atmosphere in the name of religion. We feel that the advertisement is part of the conspiracy to tear apart the social and cultural fabric of India by dividing peace-loving, anti-violence, toiling masses of the country. The language and message of the advertisement amply shows that all fundamentalists, be it Peace Party or many frontal organizations of RSS, use religion to propagate their fascistic ideologies.

We appeal to the Muslim community and all secular Indians irrespective of their religion to unequivocally condemn the statement of such Muslim leaders and their nefarious designs.

Released by
Javed Anand
Shabnam Hashmi
Gauhar Raza

On behalf of :

S.No Aaris Mohammed Center for Social and Constitutional Studies Hyderabad
1. Abdul hafiz Lakhani Journalist Gujarat siyasat Newspaper Ahmedabad
2. Abha Women’s rights activist Dharamshala
3. Abhilasha Badola Teacher Delhi
4. Admiral L Ramdas Retired former Chief of Navy Alibag
5. Ahmar Raza Retired Scientist New Delhi
6. Ali Javed PWA Delhi
7. Alice Reani Navachetana Naragund
8. Amberin CSR head MUMBAI
9. Amir Rizvi Communication Designer Mumbai
10. Amitabha Basu Retired scientist, CSIR-NPL, New Delhi New Delhi
11. Anand Patwardhan Documentary fimmaker Mumbai
12. Anil Suri Veteran Gurugram
13. Anita Dube Artist Greater Noida
14. Anjali Monteiro Filmmaker and Academic Mumbai
15. Anjum Rajabali Film writer, social activist Mumbai
16. Annie Namala Consultant Delhi
17. Annie Raja NFIW Delhi
18. Anupama help age India Delhi
19. Anwar Hussain Corporate executive Mumbai
20. Anwar Zaidi Retd. LUCKNOW
21. Indrapramit Roy
Teacher/Artist Vadodara
23. Arif Naqvi Producer TV Delhi
24. Arshad Alam JNU Delhi
25. Ashok Maridas Listening Post Bangalore
26. Ashok Sharma IFS (Retd.) Delhi
27. Ashraf Gigani Retired Amreli
28. Ashwani Bakshi Lawyer Chandigarh
29. Askari Haider Zaidi Media consultant New Delhi
31. Bader sayeed Lawyer Chennai
32. Bhavna Self employed Delhi
33. Bulbul Dhar-James Jamia Milia Islamia Gurgaon
34. C. M. Paul Salesian College Sonada
35. Camilus Kishore Social Worker Zankhvav
36. Cedric Prakash PRASHANT Centre for human rights justice & peace AHMEDABAD INDIA
37. Cynthia Stephen Independent Media Professional and Policy Analyst Bangalore
39. Dilip Kumar Teaching Aurangabad Bihar
40. Dimple Oberoi Vahali Independent Activist Shimla and Delhi
41. Dorothy Fernandes Social activist Patna
42. Dr Anil Pannikker Consultant Psychologist Hisar
43. Dr Shakeel Indian Doctors for Peace and Development Patna
44. Dr Sheikh Abdul Basir Senior Psychiatrist Delhi
45. Dr Vikas Bajpai Centre for Social Medicine & Community Health, JNU New Delhi
46. Dr. Aftab Alam Asstt Professor, University of Delhi New Delhi
47. Dr. Kausar Wizarat Retired Lecturer New Delhi
48. Dr.Zaheer Ahmed Sayeed Medicine.Neurology.Apollo Hospital Chennai
49. Faizan Alam Anhad New Delhi
50. Farida Khan Academic New Delhi
51. Fazal GM Dubai
52. Feroz Abbas Khan Theatre & Film Director Mumbai
53. Gauhar Raza Retired scientist, poet Delhi
54. George Payatikat Social Work Indore
55. Gerard Gabriel Corporate Coach and Trainer Hyderabad
56. Ghanshyam shsh Former professor, JNU, Delhi Ahmedabad
57. Gurpreet Sidhu People Tree/Graphic Designer Goa
58. Harsh Kapoor independent researcher New Delhi
59. Harshavardhan Hegde Doctor Delhi
60. Hasan Abdullah Writer Delhi
61. Hasan Mahmud Retired university professor Greater Noida
62. Hiren Gandhi DARSHAN Ahmedabad
63. Iftikhar Alam Teacher (Rtd) Aligarh, U.P.
64. Iliyas Husain Assistant Professor, Jamia Millia Islamia Delhi
65. Imrana Qadeer Distinguished Professor,CSD New Delhi
66. Indu prakash singh Forum Against Corruption & Threats New Delhi
67. Irfan Engineer All India Secular Forum Mumbai
68. Jamal Akhter Siddique Teaching in University Aligarh
69. Javed Anand Indian Muslims for Secular Democracy Mumbai
70. Javed Malick Retired Professor Noida
71. Jessin SJC Social work Hubli
72. Jitendra Paswan Political and social activists Patna
73. Julie Lawyer Mumbai
74. Juzar Bandukwala Social activist Vadodara
75. K. M. SHRIMALI Former Professor of History Delhi university DELHI
76. Karuna Journalist Delhi
77. Kasim Sait Businessman Chennai
78. Lalita Ramdas Writer educator Alibag
79. Lara Jesani Lawyer Mumbai
80. Latifa avtivist, Health foe all BENGALURU
81. Luka Joseph Arnold Nivas NIZAMPET Narayankhed Sangareddy
82. M. Iffath Mubeen Professor Chennai
83. Madhivanan Natarajan Marine Engineer Chennai
84. Madhukar Dube Job Navi Mumbai
85. Madhuresh Kumar NAPM Delhi
86. Maimoona Mollah AIDWA Delhi New Delhi
87. Maj Priyadarshi Chowdhury, SC (Retd) Indian Ex Servicemen Movement Delhi
88. Mallika Sarabhai Artivist Ahmedabad
89. Manju Social Activist Patna
90. Manju Forum for Justice & Peace Patna
91. Manohar Ranganathan HRDA Bangalore
92. Mazher Hussain Activist Hyderabad
93. mohammad imran retired Professional Engineer NJ and Certified General Appraiser NJ Lucknow, UP and Ringwood, NJ
94. Mohammed Imran Doctor Jaipur
95. Mohd Abuzar Anhad New Delhi
96. Mohd saleem khan Retired grom defence service New delhi
97. Monika Student Bhiwani
98. Mukesh Mahipal Self employed Delhi
99. Muniza Khan Gandhian institute of studies Varanasi
100. N. P. Ashley Assistant Professor, St. Stephen’s College Delhi
101. Nadeem Hasnain Academic, retired professor Lucknow
102. Najid Hussain Scientist Newark, DE
103. najma rehmani Teacher Delhi
104. Name Organisation/Profession City
105. Nandita Narain Delhi University Delhi
106. Naseema Aman biradari DELHI
107. Nasreen Fazalbhoy retired Mumbai
108. Nazish Salman Teacher Dehradun
109. Neena Vyas Freelance journalist New Delhi
110. Neeraj Malik Retired Professor Noida
111. NIDA SAFIA Engineer Raleigh North Carolina
112. Nikhil Kumar Writer Noida
113. Niki p First generation feminist collective Mumbai
114. Nikita Sud University academic Oxford, UK
115. Partha S Ghosh Retired professor New Delhi
116. Persis Ginwalla Independent Ahmedabad
117. PREETI CLRA/ Development Professional Ahmedabad
118. Prof K Satchidanandan Writer, Indian Writers Forum DELHI
119. Prof Roop Rekha Verma Saajhi Duniya Lucknow
120. PS Teacher Delhi
121. Purushottam Agrawal Profesar New Delhi
122. Pushpa S Swaraj Abhiyan Bengaluru
123. Pushpendra Singh Filmmaker Pune
124. Rahul Sharma BGVS Bhopal
125. Rajan Joseph Barrett Jo Dept of English, Faculty of Arts. Vadodara
126. Rajendra Prasad Activist Hyderabad
127. Ram Puniyani Center for Study of Society and Secularism Mumbai
128. Ramesh Dixit ARTHA Lucknowr
129. Ramesh Dixit ARTHA Lucknowramesh
130. Ramnik Freelancer ROHTAK
131. Riyaz Shaikh businessman Mumbai
132. Roger Samuel Business Dwarka New Delhi
133. Rushal Lokayat Pune
134. S A S Kirmani I Education Delhi
136. Sabah Khan Parcham Mumbai
137. Sabiha Hashmi Retired teacher Bangalore
138. Sachin Jain Writer Bhopal
139. Sahir Raza Director Mumbai
140. Saif Mahmood Advocate, Supreme Court of India New Delhi
141. Saleem Yusuf Shaikh Lawyer Thane
142. Salim kamer Chennai Port Chennai
143. Sambhav Independent Queer activist, Delhi Delhi
144. Sania Hashmi Anhad Films Delhi
145. Sanjay sharma Theater artist New Delhi
146. Sanjeev Thakur Himachal Gyan Vigyan Samiti Mandi
147. Sehba Farooqui Political activist Delhi
148. Shabnam Hashmi Social Activist Anhad Delhi
149. Shalini Mulackal Indian Christian Women’s Movement Delhi
150. Shama Zaidi Film and television script-writer Mumbai
151. Shamsul Islam Former Associate Professor University of Delhi NCR
152. Shanti picardo Teacher Siliguri
153. Sharad Raj Freelance Filmmaker Mumbai
154. Sharad Raj Freelance Filmmaker Mumbai
155. Shashwat Mishra Student Lucknow
156. Sheba George Social Worker Ahmedabad
157. Sheeba Fehmi Journalism Delhi
158. Shehla Hashmi Grewal Cpim GURUGRAM
159. Shiney V Research Kottayam
160. Shireen Sethna Baria Advocate Hyderabad
161. Shireen Sethna Baria Advocate Hyderabad
162. Shrikrishna Kachave Advocate Pune
163. Shuddhabrata Sengupta Artist and Writer Delhi
164. Iftikhar Retired University Professor Vadodara
165. Sohail Hashmi Writer, Film Maker New Delhi
166. Sonal patel architect अहमदाबाद
167. Subhashini Ali AIDWA Kanpur
168. Sudipto Whistling Woods International/Film Teacher Mumbai
169. Sufi Law student Pune
170. Sujata Gothoskar Social activist and researcher Mumbai
171. Sukla Sen Peace Activist Mumbai
172. Sultan Shahin New Age Islam Foundation New Delhi
173. Surya Mohan Kulshreshtha Theatre LUCKNOW
174. SUSHOBHA BARVE Social Activist Gurgaon, Haryana
175. Syed Khalique Ahmed Journalist New Delhi
176. Syed Shoeb Civil Engineer Lucknow
177. T. U. Rosamma. Sr. Jyoti Ekta Sangharsh Vahini/Social Activist Chapra
178. Tahir Mahmood Former Chairman, National Commission for Minorities New Delhi
179. Taizoon Khorakiwala SwitzGroup Dubai
180. Tanveer Hussain Khan Political Activist Srinagar
181. Tariq Adeeb Lawyer New Delhi
182. Teesta Setalvad Citizens for Justice and Peace Mumbai
183. Vandana misra Journalist Lucknow
184. Varghese Theckanath Social Work Hyderabad
185. Vibhuti Narain Rai IPS (Retired0 NOIDA
186. Vijay Vaidya Doctor Vadodara Gujarat
187. Vikram Self employed Kaithal
188. Yacub Kujur Social activist Pathalgaon
189. Yasmin Contractor Educational professional Gurgaon
190. Yousuf Saeed Filmmaker New Delhi
191. Zafar Agha Journalist New Delhi
192. Zaffarullah Khan Advocate Chennai
193. Zaheer Ahmed Sayeed Neurology .Medicine.Apollo Hospital Chennai
194. Zeba Khan Education Dubai
195. Zuber qureshi Biznasman Ahmedabad