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India: Memorial to A Warrior for Socialism - Comrade Govind Pansare

5 March 2015

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Memorial to Comrade Govind Pansare
Date: 10 March, 2015, Tuesday at 5.30 pm 
Venue: Hindi Bhawan, 11, Vishnu Digamber Marg, (Rouse Avenue), 
Near Bal Bhawan, I.T.O, Delhi 

You are cordially invited to an evening in the memory of Comrade Govind Pansare.

On this occasion, his close associate and comrade Dr. Bhalchandra Kango (Aurangabad), who is also Secretary of the Maharashtra CPI will share with us his memories and political and social churning that is taking place in the wake of the dastardly murder. Renowned journalist Mr. Praful Bidwai (Delhi), untiring fighter against fascism and communalism, writer and Retd. Professor of IIT (Mumbai) Prof. Ram Puniyani, and Editor of New Age Comrade Shameem Faizee, shall also put across their views on the contribution of Comrade Pansare and the challenges posed by the ultra right politics of the present times.

Com. Govind Pansare: 
The life of recently martyred Comrade Pansare was an inspirational one. He stood against the establishment which increases the rich-poor divide, against the cheap politics that ignites communalism and racism, supportive of hard-working masses, and with an unshakable faith in peace and socialism which he held till his last breath. He was himself a product of the working class. His outspokenness and fearlessness came from that background. He never minced his words: he was straight and hard-hitting and enjoyed being that thoroughly. The cowards who murdered him do not know that it is not just the life of such revolutionaries but also their martyrdom that creates more revolutionaries.

He was deeply interested in the activities of Joshi-Adhikari Institute of Social Studies and All India Students’ Federation. The loss of one of our senior comrades makes us realize that to continue his work with all commitment and speed is the only way to remember him. In remembering him we are also pledging to defeat the looming danger of Fascism.